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Claims Administration

Better care = lower cost

The philosophy behind Method's claims protocol is straightforward: The more efficient the delivery of high-quality healthcare, the better the results for both the injured worker and the employer.

a group of medical professionals and business leaders

How we do it

Expert claims handling

Method's in-house claims-handling team, provides customized, integrated claims solutions to clients across the nation.

Just like everyone at Method, our claims team is 100% focused on workers' comp. They use their industry-leading expertise, innovative technology, and an unrelenting focus on continuous improvement to drive the best possible outcomes.

Because Method keeps most claims handling in-house*, we're able to provide your customers with seamless service from underwriting, to policy issuance, to claims management – including current and real-time data on claims.

The results? Lower costs, faster recovery times, and greater satisfaction for everyone involved.

Claims team

The work of restoring lives means engaging with people at some of their most difficult and vulnerable moments.

You need to know that your claims handling partner is treating your customers with the dignity and respect they deserve. That is why we provide every insured with their own claims handling team.

  • Always accessible
  • Guides you through the claims process from start to finish
  • Works to identify potential roadblocks to the injured worker's recovery
  • Engages the worker, employer, and healthcare providers to expedite each step in the recovery process

Ease of Reporting

We offer multiple methods for reporting. Why? Because that's what's best for the customer. Our team recognizes that every customer is different, and we make it our goal to meet their unique needs with a tailored approach.

* Some programs may utilize third-party administrators.

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