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Method is committed to promoting accelerated medical treatment in order to minimize the socio-economic impact of workplace injuries.

Method encourages providers to proactively deliver appropriate medical care without delay.

Our experience suggests that urgent delivery of care produces the best, most cost-effective outcomes. As such, Method asks for frequent follow-up appointments with corresponding return to work and restrictions on activity assessments.

Additionally, Method adjusters will facilitate the referral process for necessary therapy or diagnostics because unnecessary delays cost time and money and are not conducive to quality outcomes. Unwarranted delays will cause Method adjusters to intervene for accelerated care delivery.

Finally, Method adjusters are available to support providers in the effective execution of a treatment and return to work plan. Providers are encouraged to contact Method if we can be of any assistance. In return, expect Method adjusters to proactively communicate with the injured worker, their employer and you to ensure accelerated care delivery.

Medical scrubs and stethoscope hanging on wall

Working with Method

What we expect from you

Treatment plan
Method expects you to provide appropriate, conservative medical care to each injured worker. It is likely that Method will encourage you to accelerate the pace of follow-up care, and the scheduling of diagnostics, specialist referrals, or therapy.

Return to Work
Method partners with our policyholders to ensure that they have a robust return to work program that accommodates any and all restrictions. It is important for work status to be addressed at every appointment and, whenever possible, for you to document what the injured worker is not able to do rather than write-off work.

What you should expect from us

Regular communication
Method will contact you following each medical encounter in order to acquire the following information:

  • Treatment Status
    (Returning for Follow Up with date, Released from Care, Referral Recommended)
  • Work Status
    (Full Duty, Limited Duty with Restrictions, Off Duty)
  • Referral Recommended
    (Type of care recommended – Physical Therapy, Diagnostics, Specialist)
  • Release from care
  • Medical Prescription
    (Rx name, dosage, quantity)

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